Český Krumlov in winter


Discover extraordinary town of Český Krumlov

Fairy-tale, picturesque, charming – this often describes Český Krumlov… and rightly so. 

Český Krumov is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful towns in Europe and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Český Krumov Castel, today the second largest in Bohemia, belonged to the Lords of the Rose (Rosenbergs), an aristocratic Sothern-Bohemian family that was at times more powerful than the Emperor. Český Krumlov’s unusually well preserved architecture represents the might and fame of this family. 

Walk the meandering streets of a town full of art, concerts and theatre performances, galleries and craft shops. On of the castle bridge, you will find breath-taking view of the historic center and the Vltava river that almost encircles it. This singular view from a castle built on rock clefts will ensure your desire to return. 

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