Short Stories

Our stories

If you want to explore all stories and legends, there is no better place to start from. 


First, written memory is from the year 1424 and speaks about a painter Simon who was known for his magical colors. The lord Rosenberg himself once asked the talented painter to paint all the rooms in his castle to get rid of ghosts. 


Václav z Rovného, a Rosenberg civil servant and educator initiated construction of the domestic chapel in 1484. He wanted to make a place where knowledge, prayers, and beliefs come together in harmony. 


In 1510 a businessman and town council member Ondřej Fridburgar was importing foreign spices. One story says that local actors from the castle theater-used his chilly to make them cry on stage. 


Around the year 1658, Jan Nygrín was brewing and serving beer, which was so strong that one lord, after drinking a couple of them, lost his memory for the whole week. 


1678 & 1689

Between years 1678 and 1689 a master coin minter Filip Ignac Háckel was making coins here. An old legend says that each Christmas he gave half of the coins to poor people of Český Krumlov.


In 1716 young Abbott Osvald started to make gingerbread because he fell in love with a lady from the castle. He sent her these sweet presents as the sign of his affection until she fell in love with him.

1739 – 1784

In years 1739 – 1784 couple of friends were making hand-crafted cabinets from linden trees supplying the whole town. For some time Český Krumlov was known as linden town. 


If you lived in the town in the year 1849 you could be sentenced and imprisoned at the same time in the same building. First, two floors served as a county court and the ground level as court jail. 

20th Century

In the 20th century, all inhabitants of the town were washing dirty laundry in this building. Some say that the richest people in the town, came here to wash their dirty money. 


From the 1950s the building has been used as the town hotel. Many of our guests claimed that sometimes they could hear a soft voice telling exciting stories from the past. So listen closely maybe you will hear one too.